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Bhutan, also known as ‘The Land of Thunder Dragon’, is a beautiful country nestled in central Himalayas with an area of 38,394 Sq. Km. It is a landlocked surrounded by the Tibetan Plateau in the north, the Bengal and Assam Plains in the south, Arunachal Pradesh in the east and the Darjeeling and the Sikkim Himalaya in the west. The capital city of this country is Thimphu which is the largest among all in Bhutan. Bhutan is composed of high mountains and deep valleys, blessed with rich flora and fauna, and friendly people which makes Bhutan truly a paradise.

Bhutan bears several climate zones from alpine with snowfall to temperate in center and subtropical if the south also unpredictable. Winter days are average of 15°C but drops below freezing during nights with snowfall or a snowstorm where as Mid December to January are clear and dry in west but it is the period of heaviest snowfall in higher elevation. Summers are hot with 30°C and may to late September host monsoon. September through November are usually very mild and clear, with sharp clear skies and magnificent views of the Himalaya range. Spring and fall are traditionally the best times to visit this Mighty kingdom.

Bhutan is the only Buddhist Kingdom in the world with great natural, ecological and cultural biodiversity which offers you subtropical valleys, savannah grasslands, bamboo jungles, traditionally cultivated land and high Himalayan Mountains with eternal snow. It shelters 221 Global endemic birds areas, 770 species of birds, 50+ species of rhododendron and other vegetations with wide varieties of herbal plants, animals like Takin, snow leopard, golden Langur, blue sheep, tiger, water buffalo, etc. due to which is has been designated as one of the 10 bio diversity hotspots of the world.

Bhutan is the only country in the world whose official religion is Tantric form of Mahayana Buddhism (Drukpa Kagyu). This magical land is one the safest tourism destinations in the world and free from crimes due to peoples strong and consistent believe in Buddhism. It hosts several festivals and cultural programs all the year round and coincide with Buddhism. Its rich Cultural heritage is strongly promoted by government despite the modernizations in western Bhutan which is the major reasons of Bhutan cultural and spiritual legacy. Bhutan’s colourful cultures, festivals and way of life definitely will leave a big impression on all visitors.

Truly, Bhutan is a diverse country with pristine nature, kind traditional people, rich & unique cultural heritage, rich spiritual life, ancient monasteries and architectures, impressive customs and generous in biodiversity.

Bhutan Travel Information

When you travel places differs and so does the practices of those places. And you are bound to follow those things against your will however some might be very useful, educative and good in every steps of your life plus when you encounter those practices there is always a big smile in your face reflecting your joy and excitements.

Bhutan Visa Information

Bhutan Entry procedure is quite unique as independent travel id not permitted so Tourists/travelers willing to visit Bhutan must travel through an authorized local tour operator/agency on a pre-paid basis. Your Trip should be pre-planned, pre-paid and license guided tour package. The government stipulates an all-inclusive entry fee per day thus; concerned local tour operator is responsible for all logistical arrangements during your stay in Bhutan.

Tour in Bhutan

Well Nepal Treks P Ltd is very excited to offer Tour in Bhutan which is an adventurous trip into the mystical land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan. Tour is Bhutan is just not a travel rather it is a trip of lifetime where you can experience true spirits of Bhutan in terms of People, Place, religions, cultures and lifestyle.

Trekking in Bhutan

When you think of adventure, Travel always comes foremost in your mind. And, there is nothing more adventurous in travel than Trekking which takes you to the remote areas offering you wide range of cultural and natural entertainment. It is the best way to get relaxed beneath the vast sky while embracing new places and scenic views. If you are Planning to Get Out in those areas 

More About Bhutan

Full Name: Kingdom of Bhutan
Area: 38,364 sq km
Major religions: Buddhism (official), Hinduism
Population: 697,000 (UN, 2009)
Capital City: Thimphu
Majorlanguage: Dzongkha (official), Nepali, Sharchop
Nationalflower: Blue poppy
Nationaltree: cypress
Nationalbird: Raven
Nationalanimal: Takin
NationalSport: Archery
National cuisine: EmaDatsi

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