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Tibet Travelers information

Basic Information to Travelers traveling to Tibet

When you travel places differs and so does the practices of those places. And you are bound to follow those things against your will however some might be very useful, educative and good in every steps of your life plus when you encounter those practices there is always a big smile in your face reflecting your joy and excitements.

‘Plan Your Trip’

A planned trip can always come in handy. So we highly recommend you to make basic research and plan your trip which makes your trip easy, comfortable, interesting and delightful. Please read and understand following some of the basic components and things you need to know before heading Tibet and comes very useful and puts you away from awkwardness in your trip.

Do’s and Don’ts

There are some do’s and don’ts when you travel to Tibet and some are

1. One always adds "la" after saying hello or after you name somebody’s name to the Tibetan people which expresses respect.

2. Remember not step on threshold when entering the tent or house.

3. It is considered good when you make noise while having your meal so try not to make any sounds while eating and drinking.

4. When the white Kada, a long narrow scarf made of silk, is presented to you or by you, remember it is expressing purity and good fortune.

5. Outsiders are not allowed to attend the ceremony therefore visitors should respect this custom and keep away in engaging from such occasions.

6. When the host presents you a cup of wine, you should dip your ring finger in the wine and flick the wine into the sky, in the air and to the ground respectively to express your respects to the heaven, the earth and the ancestors before sipping the wine. The host will fill the cup, and you take a sip of the wine again. After the host fills your cup again, you have to bottom it up.

7. It is not polite to clap your palms and spit behind the Tibetan people.

8. DO not smoke in monasteries and it is banned to touch the statue of Buddha and religious articles and take pictures of them.

9. While receiving and presenting anything to other use both hands with your head bowed and gift high than your head.

10. When somebody asks you to sit down, remember to cross your legs, don't stretch your legs forward and face your sole to others.


When we travel, we always face common challenges ahead of us set up by the place in terms of food. We are surely unfamiliar with the food at different places and it is common to feel odd while having them. Tibet has its own foods like ‘Tsampa’ which is roasted barley, Yak butter and flour. Momo, small dumplings filled with meat or vegetables, Thukpa which is a Tibetan noodle soup and other but you can find varieties of foods like continental, Chinese and Tibetan in major cities and they facilitates very good restaurants. But we recommend you to have hygiene food and fresh because diarrhea is the main issues while travelling. Use boiled water don’t eat where you don’t see refrigerator.


The climate of Tibet is very unique in itself due to diverse landscapes but it is not harsh as you may think. The best duration to visit Tibet is in between April and November but later the temperature plummets. The Tibetan Tourism starts from April to June when the weather is mild with clear blue sky offering Himalayan mountain range views and peaks. July and August are monsoon time but many occasions and festivals falls in these time so it would be worth a Visit. And August to November the weather gets warm with clear skies and makes perfect environment for trekking. December to February the climate weather gets very cold and it is impossible to visit Tibet in winter but low altitude valleys of Tibet like in around Lhasa, Shigatse and Tsedang gets very little snow and they are surprisingly warm. So it can be visited even during winter. Spring (March to April) has warm and sunny days and okay to visit Tibet. So decide, in which season you want to travel?

Clothes to Bring

You must adapt with the climate and weather at Tibet so following gears is necessary before travel.

Ø Comfortable and flexible footwear: like walking shoes and cotton/woolen socks

Ø Skin Protection: Cap, Sunglasses, Sun Tan oil, Moisturizers, etc

Ø Jackets: Windproof warm Jackets or Fleece Jackets

Ø Trousers: Walking Trousers, Half pants, Shorts, etc.

Ø Shirts: Full shirt, Long sleeves, T shirts, Woolen Gloves, etc

Ø Gears: Trekking Sticks, Toiletries, Towel, Flash Lights, head torch, Sleeping Bags, water bottles, cameras, etc.

Ø Dry foods, Chocolates, candies, etc with high calories

Ø Medicines: Medicines for headache, diarrhea, gastric, painkiller, muscle reliever, wounds healing creams, and most importantly Diamox for altitude Sickness.

Altitude Sickness and Medicines

Almost every traveler suffers from high altitude sickness in Tibet also known as Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). Mild symptoms like headache, lethargy, nausea and feeling uneasy to get sleep are seen at first but gets away in few days. The reaction varies from person to person and has nothing to do with ages and sex. However, precaution is always your first priority and ever be fit. This seems only a minor effect at first but when careless is done it could be life threatening. So travelers should always inform the symptoms oneself and act first aid. A supply of bottled oxygen should be carried all the times as no one knows when it comes handy. We highly recommend you to consult a nearby doctor available in hotels in Lhasa if you encounter altitude sickness, or have a heart or breathing complaint. They even facilitate oxygen gears. You should inform your agent if you have previously suffered this sickness in any earlier treks. A good briefing is provided to all the tourists on this altitude sickness prior to their departure and they are checked physically. Remember do not try to underestimate these symptoms, if taken precautions it can be cured shortly.

Please Note:

- Person having Heart Diseases are strictly disallowed to go on Tibet Trek. You must avoid taking bath or smoking cigarette on first day arrival at Tibet instead drink plenty of boiled water daily. If you face any health problems inform your guide instantly. Remember not to catch a cold and always try to keep your act healthy.

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