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Basic Information to Travelers traveling to Bhutan

When you travel places differs and so does the practices of those places. And you are bound to follow those things against your will however some might be very useful, educative and good in every steps of your life plus when you encounter those practices there is always a big smile in your face reflecting your joy and excitements.

‘Plan Your Trip’

A planned trip can always come in handy. So we highly recommend you to make basic research and plan your trip which makes your trip easy, comfortable, interesting and delightful.  Please read and understand following some of the basic components and things you need to know before heading Bhutan which may come very useful and puts you away from awkwardness in your trip.


Bhutan's climate remains tropical in the south, temperate in the center of the country and cold in the north. But it can be unpredictable when you travel to Himalayan ranges. Winter days remains 60 degree Fahrenheit in average at Capital Thimphu and Paro valleys but drops below freezing point during nights. Summers are hot and nights are cool, Mid December to early January can be a beautifully clear and dry time in Western Bhutan whereas heavy snow falls during Late December through mid February at high elevations.

Clothes to Wear

You don’t need to have loads of clothes while travelling besides it is uneasy. While visiting Bhutan from May to Sep. you may bring cotton clothes which are sufficient, plus a woolen sweater or light jacket. Travelers raveling here from November to the end of April need very warm clothes including long underwear or woolen tights to wear under trousers, and down jacket or coat. Besides equipment’s and gears for your trek, water bottles, cosmetic products and skin care, medicines, etc. can be brought or bought in Bhutan.


There are rare cases of incidents where any travelers or individual have suffered from altitude sickness or any altitutde related problem because the maximum elevation we reach on Bhutanese landscape is only 3150 M in west and 3750 M at east. Therefore, Bhutan is safe form altitude related hazards.


Bhutan tourist destinations are facilitated with good hotels and lodges. However, simpler accommodation facilities are operated in central and eastern Bhutan whose costs are also low comparatively than others but Western Bhutan serves very good hotels, lodges and luxury.


Every mode of Transportation within Bhutan is by land transportation due to absence of any airlines and train routes there. But, roads are well liked and very well maintained in every parts of the country. The mountainous terrain and winding roads restrict the average driving speed of vehicle to less than 35 KM/hr. We will assure you get clean, well maintained and comfortable vehicle during your travel with experienced licensed driver.

People and Language

Bhutan is inhabitant by main three ethnic groups. One is Sharchop (Indo-Mongoloid origin), who are the earliest inhabitants of Bhutan and mostly live in Eastern Bhutan. Other one is Ngalops who migrated to Bhutan from Tibetan Plains and considered as the importers of Buddhism in Bhutan and mostly live in Western Bhutan. Last one is origin of Nepalese, Lhotsampas, who mostly live in south foothills of Bhutan. So one can find diversity in language but its National Language is Dzongkha where as English are widely spoken here.

Tourist Season

Bhutan can be visited in any period of year but the best season would be September to November and march to June during which many festivals and cultural occasion’s falls. During this Season their great festival called Tsechu is celebrated throughout the country. During this event whole Bhutanese gathers and celebrate it at every Dzongs, temples and Monasteries.


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