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What is trekking? Why you go so far away from home and spend so much time and money to join a trekking group?

Trekking in Nepal is a trip full of adventure to be undertaken on foot in those areas which are untouched by any modern means of transportation. It is a form of exercise (walking) on foot and covering a distances with the purpose of discovery, joy and exploring about the place. It usually takes place on trails in areas of relatively unspoiled wildernesses. Trekking is simply walking holiday trip to the most exotic places of the country which is traditionally applied to overland journeys entertained by foot. Trek is the joyful walking experience enjoying the scenery for a number of days of rural regions: beautiful hills and valleys, knowing the local peoples and their lifestyle; i.e. from one place to another. A normal trekking continues from 4 to 6 hours each day. Basically trekking is the multi day hiking trips that gives travelers a closest view of incredible scenery and brings them right in front of the beauty of nature. Trek is one of the best ways to get nirvana and also a continuous way of experiencing the diversity in geography, people, religion and culture and much more.

Nepal is a paradise for trekker’s. This country can be explored through trekking and hiking and the best way to explore different places, peoples, their cultures and falling in love with this diverse and extraordinary country. Trekking in Nepal is quite challenging and full of fun which starts from lower hills to the great Himalayan range like Everest, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Langtang, Makalu, Manaslu and other.

Porters and Guides

Our Guides and Porters are loyal to their company and know well their duties and responsibilities. As they are in charge of operation, they cannot say “I do not know” or “I have not been informed”, as they are completely responsible for client’s satisfaction, queries or challenges

Trekking Grade

It provides trekking opportunities to each, from easy trek to most adventurous and challenging one. Little experience Mountaineers to well trained climbers are equally recommended. We have ranked the treks on the basis of climate, weather, length, altitude, remoteness, physical condition

Trekking Permits

Everest Region, Annapurna Region and Langtang Region do not require any permits for trekking however National park/conservation area charges you with certain fees.

Trekking season

Trekking and hiking is possible at any time of the year depending on your destination. The most popular seasons are autumn (Sep- Dec) and spring (Feb- May). Autumn season offers excellent weather and tantalizing mountain views.

Trekking Styles

This is very traditional or classic style of trekking, often known as fully organized trekking, which are conducted in remote areas of Nepal. Camping trek is the type of trek where all the trekking gears such as tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, toilet tents, kitchen tens, kitchen utensils, Sherpa’s

General Information

A trekker who is able to hike and trek normally 5-6 hours per day with a light weight backpack will be very fit enough to perform this trekking. There may be stone steps, ups and downs, rocky paths and which are very uneven and also because of long trails your leg may feel tired and shaky so we strongly recommend you to use walking poles and trek sticks to feel safer and to maintain the pace. 

Trekking Equipment

Cosmetics - Sun cream, Body Lotion, Moisturizers, lip balm, Mirror Wet Tissue Papers, Soap, Perfumes, and Tooth brush etc.

Clothes - Pullover or warm sweeter, Sun Hat, Warm woolen cap, Raincoat, Hand gloves, 2/3 pairs of Trekking trousers, 3/4 pairs of trekking shirts, 3/4 pairs of Underwear, etc.

Drinking Water

Well Nepal Treks suggest you to have purified drinking water. Basically, we can get mineral water bottles in lower places but we might not find it in higher ground. In such cases we suggest you to drink boiled water which might charge very tiny fee in tea houses. Bring chlorine tablets to purify water. Recommend yourself to use boiled rather than mineral water which will be helpful for protection of you and healthy environment.

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